Food & Supplements

Animal Essentials
Holistic health care supplies for pets.

Ark Naturals 
Natural, holistic, remedy & wellness products for pets.

Avena Botanicals
Herbal apothecary offering high quality herbs and medicinal herbal products made from organic and ethically wild-harvested plants. Located in mid-coast Maine. 

Designing Health
Makers of Missing Link Superfood Supplement.
All Natural Whole Food Wellness Blend that supports skin, coat, digestion and weight.

Darwin's Pet Foods
Nutritious raw food delivered direct to your door

ePetHealth - ePet
Online access to your pet’s reminders, request a product or refill, watch health related videos, see purchase history and more!

Honest Kitchen 
Dehydrated, human-grade natural dog food and cat food.

Standard Process
Whole food supplements.

Homeopathic Tutorial Archives
Introduction to Homeopathy, Potency, Vital Force and more.

The makers of some of the very best animal health supplements.

Natural premium pet food, dog food, cat food, and ferret food.

Whole food supplements made for dogs and horses.


J. K. Herman Gallery
As an artist, Judith is impassioned by the magnificent mysteries of nature. From the intricacies huddled within the protective cover of tulip petals to the silent beauty of a deep winter snowfall, she is inspired to communicate her awe, and respect for the profound beauty that envelops all of us. Her artwork focuses on florals, landscapes and seascapes. Currently Judith is exploring the intricacies of nature at an intimate level. 

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
For both pet owners and professional veterinarians - how homeopathy can help your pets, list of practicing homeopathic vets, how vets can become certified and how to join the Academy are among the topics covered.

Natural Rearing
Information on Natural Rearing and alternative, holistic, complementary health care for pets. Includes directory of Natural Rearing breeders.

In Dog We Trust
Modern positive reinforcement dog & puppy training for Central Maine. Offering a variety of puppy and dog training services. 

Swanback Jacks
This is a holistic breeder site on Swanback Jack Russell Terriers from Animal Wellness Center's own Gina Snow.

Mr.Dog Training
A training center that uses only positive training techniques while focusing on setting your dog up for success. Located in Bath, Maine.

Damariscotta Chiropractic Health Center
A chiropractic office we recommend located in coastal Maine.

Holistic Actions!
Holistic Actions! Academy is an online source for helping you take control of your pets health and wellness. CLICK HERE to take a homeopathic self knowledge check!