Welcome to Animal Wellness Center!

Seeing the need for an alternative to the conventional (allopathic) practices of veterinary medicine, Animal Wellness Center was conceived in 1994. Dr. Judith K. Herman, on completing the Professional Veterinary Homeopathic Course, and with the input of her homeopathic clients, envisioned a homeopathic clinic that offered diagnostics, dentistry, surgery, behavior, internal medicine and hospital care. Dr. Herman developed a healing center that encompassed a holistic approach to treating her patients.

Animal Wellness Center opened its doors on April 1, 1995 in Augusta, Maine and offers an alternative approach to veterinary care. Stressing good nutrition, hygiene and exercise as the foundation of good health, Dr. Herman and her staff help educate pet owners on the best diet for their dogs, cats, birds and small animals, what parasite control is best, which vaccinations are desirable for the specific individual, if any, and what steps to take in training and behavior modification to avoid inappropriate behavior.

Our primary modality of treatment is homeopathy. We also use nutritional supplements, western and eastern herbs, Bach flower essences and conventional medicines when deemed appropriate for patients that are already established with the practice.

Dr. Herman and her staff strive to maintain the highest quality of care for their clients and their pet companions by continuing education in both the homeopathic and allopathic arenas.