We are honored that you are willing to trust us with the care of your companion. As you are likely already aware, our practice is not the usual. We offer treatment in the form of homeopathic medicines and nutritional therapy (fresh food diets, vitamin and mineral supplements, and food concentrates). This type of treatment is emphasized because we feel it is the most effective way of dealing with a wide variety of health problems that our companions face. It is our opinion that homeopathic and nutritional therapy can be used to treat the same broad range of problems that are conventionally treated with drugs. It is also our experience that this is a very successful approach.  CLICK HERE to take a Homeopathy Self Knowledge Check.

Please CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with homeopathy if it is new to you. It will help your understanding of what Dr.Herman will be asking and prescribing for your pet. The more you know and understand faster your pet will respond.

However, not every problem can be successfully treated by us. Sometimes the disease is too advanced for our methods. Other times, we do not have the necessary knowledge or experience. Occasionally, our methods fail in spite of our best efforts. This is not stated to discourage you, but rather to honestly communicate our skills as well as our limitations. 

It is important to realize that regardless of the nature of the problem your companion suffers from, we are going to use the above-mentioned methods as first-line treatment, and conventional medicine as deemed appropriate. If it is our opinion that, for the well-being of your companion, you should receive care from another practitioner or by other methods, we will refer you for that care. 

If what has been presented above is acceptable to you and is what you wish for your pet, please fill out the form below.  **Something must be written in each area or the form will not send automatically.

Thank you for considering Animal Wellness Center for your pet's care.  Once this form is received, the office will reach back to you with our next available appointment time.  

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Consulting Fees: 4-15 minutes: $45.00; 16-30 minutes: $90.00; 31-45 minutes: $135.00; 46-60 minutes: $180.00. (**PLEASE NOTE: An initial consult for a chronic condition often runs 1-2 hours. Please budget accordingly ) After Hour Emergency Phone Fee: $30.00 (plus time). Remedies and supplements are charged for separately and may have a shipping and handling fee depending on the size of package. These products are subject to Maine sales tax. ***There is a charge of $50.00 for appointments missed without a 24-hour notice*** ALL FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION
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